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About me


I received my Bachelor’s Degree in telecommunications engineering in 2011 and Master’s Degree in 2013 from the University of Sarajevo. I subsequently worked as a researcher and teaching assistant at the Faculty of Electrical Engineering at the University of Sarajevo before moving to BH Telecom where, from 2014 to 2015, I worked as an expert associate for monitoring systems and operational control of the Radio Access Network (RAN).

In September 2015 I started my PhD research work at CONNECT in Trinity College Dublin under the supervision of Dr Nicola Marchetti.

My research focuses on the application of Complex Systems Science to networks. In particular, my work analyzes the emergence of local interactions in telecommunications networks which gives rise to a global behavior resulting in better network performance.

If you are interested in some of the work I do, feel free to send me an email. :)



  1. M. Dzaferagic, "Design and Implementation of an IP Router on a NetFPGA Platform", in fulfilment of the MSc degree in Telecommunications, University of Sarajevo, 2013
  2. M. Dzaferagic, "Modeling and Simulation of a Microwave Ring Antenna for Cellular Communications", in fulfilment of the BSc degree in Telecommunications, University of Sarajevo, 2011


  1. M. Dzaferagic, N. Kaminski, N. McBride, I. Macaluso, N. Marchetti, “A Functional Complexity Framework for the Analysis of Telecommunication Networks”, Journal of Complex Networks (accepted) (arXiv)


  1. M. Dzaferagic, N. Kaminski, I. Macaluso, N. Marchetti, “Relation between Functional Complexity, Scalability and Energy Efficiency in WSNs”, International Wireless Communications and Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC), Jun 2017 (arXiv) – (IEEExplore)
  2. M. Dzaferagic, N. Kaminski, I. Macaluso, N. Marchetti, “How Functional Complexity affects the Scalability-Energy Efficiency Trade-Off of HCC WSN Clustering”, IEEE Wireless Communications and Networking Conference (WCNC), Mar 2017 (arXiv)
  3. M. Hadzialic, B. Dosenovic, M. Dzaferagic, J. Musovic, "Cloud-RAN: Innovative radio access network architecture", International Symposium Electronics in Marine (ELMAR), Sept 2013 (IEEExplore)
  4. M. Hadzialic, M. Dzaferagic, D. Raca, "Impact of frequency synchronization on QoS in IP based networks", International ICT Convention – MIPRO, May 2012 (IEEExplore)

Short Resume

Period Occupation
2015 - now Researcher PhD Student (CONNECT Centre - Trinity College Dublin)
2016 - now Teaching Assistant (Trinity College Dublin)
2014 - 2015 Engineer (BH Telecom d.d. Sarajevo)
2012 (2 months) Researcher (Ericsson - Zagreb, Croatia)
2011 - 2014 Researcher (Faculty of Electrical Engineering University of Sarajevo)
2011 (4 months) Engineer (m:tel)


2015 - now : PhD Telecommunications (TCD Dublin)
2011 - 2013 : MSc Telecommunications (ETF Sarajevo)
2008 - 2011 : BSc Telecommunications (ETF Sarajevo)


(2017-2018) - Complex Systems Science as a General Framework to Model and Analyse Functional Aspects of Wireless Networks, US Air Force Office of Scientific Research & Science Foundation Ireland
(2014) - Design and Prototype Implementation of the Configuration and Analysis Platform For Radio Access Networks (BH Telecom Configuration and Analysis Platform)

The goal was to implement a Software as Service (SaaS) based multi-functional and multi-vendor platform for administration and configuration of various radio access networks. The platform should aggregate various existing OSS tools and interfaces, thereby providing a unique interface for configuration and analysis of multi vendor networks. Because of the dynamically changing environment, all functional parts of the platform are organized as independent services. This implies the use of the SaaS model, which should enable high scalability, flexibility and make the future customization and changes easier.

(2014) - Smart TCU/SIU Configuration Generator

The application includes a customized Porteus Linux distribution with a range of tools that enable smart (automatic) generation of configuration files, and configuration of Ericssons TCU / SIU (Transportation Connectivity Unit / Site Integration Unit) devices. The application makes simplifies the configuration for assembly teams within BH Mobile.

(2013) - Expert evaluation in the process of Tender for procurement of digital microwave links for Public radio-television services of Bosnia and Herzegovina
(2013) - Telecommunication network planning for tunnels on the Koridor 5C highway
(2013) - Specification of minimal requirements for DVB-T receivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina
(2012-2013) - Implementation of VoIP application for embedded Linux platform (InnBox F68)

Implementation of a VoIP application for Iskratel's InnBox F68 network device. Project is funded by company Iskratel Kranj.

(2012) - Ericsson Mobile Health system



  • Topics: complex systems science applied to communication networks
1 Master thesis
2 Bachelor theses

Master Courses

  1. Labs in Complex Systems Science for Communication Networks, 2016-18, TCD

Bachelor Courses

  1. Labs in Wireless Communications, 2016, TCD
  2. Tutorials and labs in Mobile Communications, 2014 - 15, ETF, Sarajevo